START NON STOP// the byCRUZ brand

START NON STOP// the byCRUZ brand

   As we settle into a brand new year, it is easy to feel uneasy about where we are all going. 2020 challenged us in ways we would have never expected, and we have to think we aren't the only ones who are still "recovering" from this past year. As we passed through a global pandemic, many businesses, including our own, have taken a hit. As individuals, we struggled with anxiety about the world around us. This being said, we set our intention for 2021 with the core focus of our brand, to START NON STOP. This saying has been with us since the start of byCRUZ, and has stuck with us through the success and the challenges. 

   What is start non stop to us? Start non stop is an intentional way of living that leans into the the inevitable failure in our future. Yes, you heard us right, the inevitable failure that is in our future, and hopefully yours as well. Failure means you are moving forward, trying new things, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, and ultimately evolving into the next version of yourself. We will be the first to admit that failure is uncomfortable, and not something that most people strive for. However, we want you to fail with us, and then after you fail, we want you to start again, and fail, and start non stop. If you don't fail, you don't really go anywhere, do you? It might be comfortable and safe in that little bubble, but the you trapped in that comfort zone doesn't get a chance to push their limits and see just how far they can go, just who they can be. 

   The new year is heavily populated by resolutions and self made vows to work on doing things that might help you 'look' a specific way. We want to challenge you to look outside of the external goals. What are you doing to challenge yourself to feel your best? What are you going to change this year to help you evolve into a version of yourself that you didn't think could become? It isn't about the number on the scale, but the number of times you start again after failing. It is about learning to make that process of fail and restart a habit, rather than a New Year's resolution. 

   What are we going to do this year? What are we going to do to make sure we don't fail in our goals? What response will we have when fear shows up again? This time, will we face those fears with the knowledge that we can always get up and start again?

   Courage isn't just grand acts of heroism that we see depicted in the media and throughout history. It is showing up when it feels hard. Courage is doing that workout even though it has been a long day and you would rather sit and watch a movie. It is about choosing to meditate when you feel overwhelmed. Courage is asking for help when you need it. 

   We aren't taught to embrace failure, we are actually educated to avoid it at all costs. Start non stop as a part of our branding was created for the underdogs, because that is exactly who we are. We strive to make our apparel a reflection of your fight towards success. We are cheering you on, while we also dig in and start over in our own lives. We try to make a difference, even if it is as simple as putting on a pair of leggings that make you feel empowered in or out of the gym. Maybe the leggings aren't that different in comparison to other brands, but the intention behind them, the intention behind the logo on them, that is where the difference lies. This journey is mental, emotional, and physical, and we want you to know we take each part into consideration when we create for you. 

   All you have to do is fail, a lot, and keep starting again. We will be right there failing along with you, and right there to start non stop. 

Happy New Year, you are going to do great things!




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