We are now at the end of the first week in February, and for many, the realization has set in that your "New Years Resolution" is starting to falter, if it is not already a distant memory. Why do we do this to ourselves? Get hyped up to achieve a goal with a fresh new year ahead of us, and then quickly let it slip out of our focus? We are going to break down two mindset tools that have helped us stay on track and dial in on not just new year resolutions, but any goals we want to see through to the finish.



What fears are associated with your goal? We all have them, some loud and anxiety building and others small whispers in the back of our head about "just doing it later." It is normal, our fear is a evolutionary behavior that has helped protect us from the unknown outside of our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is where we survive and this fear has served human beings over the centuries by doing just that, helping us survive. But your goals aren't set so you can just survive, right? You made them so that you can thrive. The key here is not to eliminate fear, because quiet frankly, we don't believe that is possible, but rather, redirect it. Start training yourself to sit with the fear you have and label it instead as excitement, or growth happening. Push the doubts aside and let the fear move you forward instead.


How the hell do you actually define confidence, right? We know what it means, but how do we channel it? Confidence bends and flows with you, grows as you evolve, and then gets challenged by life's hardships, possible to even grow stronger at the outcome of those said challenges. It's messy. But, it is important to have. Like fear, our confidence can be the transformation factor that helps us move from "I can't do this" to "I can't do this, yet." It is the knowledge that you are worthy of the goals you are working on, and even more so worthy of the outcome you are looking to have from working on them. We know this can all seem very abstract, so we have taken the time to put together some concrete exercises to help you work on these mindset shifts.





1. When you wake up in the morning, do not open your phone to scroll social media. Comparison is such a nasty confidence killer, and we all do it from time to time, however, you do not need to start your day off on that wavelength. Instead, read a book, meditate, workout, stretch, take a cold shower (or a hot one, you pick), make yourself a cup of coffee, the possibilities are endless. No matter what though, the goal is to start fresh and focused.
2. On a piece of paper or in a journal, we want you to sit down and write 10 goals you would like to accomplish this year. Some might be big, some small and simple, but we want you to write out 10. Post that list of goals somewhere you see it every day. Or do one better, and write this list of 10 out weekly or monthly to see how your goals change, get accomplished, or get broken down into smaller more manageable pieces of goals. This repetition of either seeing the goals or physically writing them will help your brain recognize their importance and commit to the process of working on them. It seems silly and simple right? Sometimes the simpler the better, as we often overwhelm ourselves with things that seem too far out of reach to manage or grasp. Give yourself some grace and know that all steps forward, no matter how small they are, are steps towards your goal.
3. Track your goals. Like we said before, writing it down and simplifying the process are game changers. We have added a free goal/habit tracker for you below to use to easily track the things you want to accomplish month by month. We use this tracker as well and love the simplicity and effectiveness and hope you enjoy as well! 



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